Latin Games

For the U3A Latin group for Saturnalia 2013 I produced a version of the Roman board game Latrunculi (Brigands). My version of the game is called Ludus Bremetennacum and laminated copies of the game were given to the group members as Saturnalia presents with rules for a quick version as the detailed rules for a pro version are yet to be finalised.

It is some years since I produced games and the process involved a number of problems because of changes in technology. Colour was a problem as I am now printing through the Mac system and pdfs made radical changes to shades of green. Even more colour changes occurred after printing when I laminated the wax-based copies! Much learning!!

Although this experience can only count as a pilot study - and the rules presentation needs much revision - I could reasonably re-start board design and production as laminated or de luxe styles should there be a market. i.e. forget it!


© John Cartmell 2013