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Are you listening?

  1. Sleepy boat, Keats, Botticelli, Dante (of the Inferno), Whistler’s (mother), camembert, National Gallery, Mona Lisa, (like the first CD ever), cellophane.
  2. McKenzie, rice, jar, sermon, socks.
  3. The mermaid, Neptune, coast, cartwheels, dirt in truth is clean, playing cards, room was humming hotter.
  4. History book on the shelf, my only chance is giving up the fight, I feel like I win when I lose.
  5. Sharing horizons, when the evening comes, just the two of us, watching the signs along the way, we’ve just begun.
  6. Trying to say three words, through the light, what do you hear, the words that make me scared.
  7. A buzzard, a monkey, cool down.
  8. Don’t let me wait, the touch of your hand in the June night, till break of day.
  9. Eight-thirty train, always something new, files in your head, five minute break.
  10. A little space and time, it’s not the sun, lights along the runway, fly across your ocean.



Yes we are back with those cryptic questions. Don’t let them get the better of you. Look through the clues until something rings a bell – or you make sense of the sort of thing that it’s all about. Try without the inter-web if you can – but you will have to have wide interests, a good ear, and a great memory to manage them all that way. What sort of answer will do? One needs just one word – the others a short phrase or even a name. NB I’ve cheated slightly with clue 1 – not doing would make it too easy – and its list could be much longer! 🙂