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A change this week. This Friday quiz is much less cryptic than normal – for once you know the subject from the start.

1. Who was banned from a trip on the Beagle by his wife?

2. Who was captain on the Adventure when Fitz Roy was made captain of the Beagle?

3. Why did Darwin need to check Fitz Roy’s finch collection from the Galapagos islands?

4. How is Fitz Roy remembered daily?

5. How did Darwin’s ‘business card’ change the week he was married?

6. Neither Darwin nor Wallace attended the meeting of the Linnean Society when their joint papers were presented on 1 July 1858. Why?

7. Where did Darwin learn to stuff animals and who taught him?

8. What was the Navy’s interest in the last specimen left for Darwin to investigate from the Beagle expedition?

9. Darwin was right. So why were the Americans drilling into rock when they said that in 1952?

10. Where was Darwin when ‘On the Origin of Species” was published?