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Where Are They?

Quiz for 11 July 2013

Continuing our summer relief from cryptic clues here is a straightforward picture quiz. Where are they? Being clever you can offer the exact location but there is credit in just getting the right Town, County, or even Country. With some you may be able to work out when the picture was taken. There are 15 pictures in total – just half a dozen to start with – so come back to the page if it’s incomplete.


You need to find the word smudged out after “Battle of ”


So where is this Tardis (actually a real police box alongside other ‘phone boxes) today


I’m told the pattern of the stonework is unique.


Lake and hills – but which lake? We parked a camper van here and went to the theatre.


The grey in the background isn’t just sky.


So where would you want to run this engine?


About 1800 years old and providing a riverside wash for the veterans settled on Jeffrey’s hill.



Who took this picture? A snail’s group may provide a backwards linguistic clue.

10 10


11 11

Neither Saltaire nor Port Sunlight. It may make you think of one of two colours.

12 12

Not Verona – but looking in the opposite direction would show a church with a threatening grave marker.

13 13


15 15


Why all the engineering?


I’ve tried to include clues in most of the pictures so those who don’t actually recognise the places can Google for help.

Have fun!