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First dozen

The first dozen were located in the following places. You will need to work out what the dozen were in order to help you with the clues. And the answers are in an order that will help you.

1. Location of a UK collection of glass – but a bit expensive for breakfast – except for Holly.

2. Harold’s favourite (according to Mary) was divided here by the 38 – but was it really served in Parliament?

3. Where Sagar and James made many days in a life.

4. Here is a live performance on stage at 135 degrees.

5. All UK motorways started here – but he is not to be confused with a bowling sailor.

6. The sailors’ friend was liberal here.

7. It’s not here, but where it was housed (Hartley’s) jam workers.

8. Lucy lost it and the finder makes luxury lace here.

9. Proud.

10. That famous son wasn’t always with the take.

11. Dial M for a tabloid critic who is MP here.

12. Secured with Squalius in this town.

So what do these places have that brought them together to form the first dozen?