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Holiday in Jamaica


1. A game in France and failed by the evening that named the recipe:

Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel.

2. Smuggled coins lead to a tasty meal for the local (US) wildlife.

3. Cheating at bridge ends in a re-program of the co-ordinates of TQ 33600 80700 to somewhere in the North Sea.

4. Deaths in a train derailment and in a helicopter, the latter in the place infamous for a later civil war funded by diamonds and ended by Tony Blair, put an end to a smuggling racket.

5. The failure of bread and roses, even with adapted footwear, came as a relief after a long and eventful train ride.

6. A real critical Geoffrey is made a fictional Major whilst a friendly argument dies. It’s all about toppling and all in the negative with an academic preamble.

7. You know you would like your work’s car to be a DB III and know it would never happen – not even to follow a recast Rolls. In any case the whole thing is ridiculous including what would happen to a BOAC vehicle with pressure difference.

8. This is plan Omega and an Italian job that works. Of course the whole thing fails and ends with a domino not falling but making good use of an underwater weapon.

9. Ignoring all of the beginning it is simply an insurance scam in a motel ending in deaths and arrests. Of course you wouldn’t know any of that having watched a film instead.

10. Research leads to the means of destroying farming throughout the country. That is thwarted but still ends in just one wedding, and one funeral.

11. A failed poem and a rebirth – even with Scottish ancestry – ends in preparation for a birth. It’s an odd contrast to the target which is a place to die. A falsely reported death gives hope of a new life but recognition of the name of the centre of the maritime province ends that new life with the gravest possible danger.

12. A Cuban in Jamaica has to be stopped, and is, but that greatest possible danger of 11 has taken its toll and an easy job is only completed after a serious injury. Death for real has removed the details and all is stark despite the gilding.