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Together with taking a critical note of Trotsky we are looking at another titular series (from your past?) with its extremes on the edge of the Atlantic and by the doorway to the continent of Europe, even though a slight acquaintance may lead you to suppose it is all based on one beautiful location. Clues vary in simplicity and relate to names, contents, or both – with an obvious assist to those already familiar with the series beyond number 1. The series is not complete, though all but one is mentioned, as two are reasonably seen as a fantasy of the fiction and are not clued.

1. Not a barn owl but best described by Marx as gulping noises for the movies. But surely they couldn’t be connected with tax avoiders?

2. They’re back and climbing high above their valley after ‘writing’ a book about Peter – a very Russian name – but in this case not those Russian Tales.

3. You might say, the Manchester paper did say: 

Those who falsely imagine they know their Lakes are not, perhaps, aware that the North Pole is quite close to Ambleside pier, that there are interesting Eskimo settlements on the margin of the lake, and that Polar bears abound on the fells.

4. Getting together to protect a well-observed black rail.

5. Nearly a dodo – don’t be mislead into a specific wonderland connection – and keeping in touch.

6. An accidental, and dangerous, stray to a foreign land.

7. Sshh! Map out the land, and what surrounds it, and those surroundings may no longer be hidden.

8. 2Ds + 1 + 3D-Gs fighting a false accusation with evidence from an heraldic Lucy hidden until the end.

9. Misleadingly nothing to do with Scots or Saints.

10. There aren’t always more and, in this case, there may not even be one diver.

11. These northern rails only partially surfaced after Trotsky’s confidant had passed away in Cheadle.