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Not dropping a third

1. If the glory in the morning reaches parity with a cheap small cigar then the bad news of incompatibility may be communicated by the honey bearer. Name the pair.

2. A car from Derbyshire takes us on a wild journey to a blue or black beestie that is free on the right operating system. So what was the car’s number?

3. Carrying everybody in Latin long before there was a bendy alternative – but can you describe the delight in full?

4. Do you remember eye-level grills and when telephones were only black? If you do then do you remember where you kept your guitar (tidily) – ready for parties?

5. I’m sure you can remember who was there on Monday morning – but what about the other days of the week?

6. This next subject is far too easy on its own so here is some extra work about the inhabitant of the glorious place; what, discovered these many years later, are her surprise closest relatives?

7. Why sit in the bottom of that cupboard?

8. Put this to music:
\rm J  = {}\rm \frac{kg \cdot m^2}{s^2} = N \cdot m = \rm Pa \cdot m^3={}\rm W \cdot s

9. Take a man working on zip fasteners and Terylene and what transport do you get?

10. The number was 495 – but what was missing?