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One subject brought together as a set of questions. Some of the questions will be impossible to answer unless you know the subject – and to begin with you don’t. It isn’t Cumberland – though that could well be the answer to a question I didn’t ask!

1. Though it started at 36,000 it soon settled down at 63,360. Why 36,000?

2. The second number (63,360) would have been the result of a calculation had I bothered to work it out – but the pieces of the calculation were something that I had to learn at junior school. What were the pieces? Yes list them all from memory with their numbers – I had to!

3. What is the importance of Delamere and Preston to Hull in this context?

4. It was there in the old and the popular (and currently) but where was missing from the revised new?

5. Who was the author of 1980’s Translations set in Ballybeg?

6. What connected object and mathematical shape were necessary?

7. What is at SV?

8. Which Roy got a Ramsden in 1791?

9. How did photozincography help?

10. In what way is Redditch 54, 183, right in the corner, and 139?

11. What are the modern numbers replacing 63,360

12. What has Cumberland got to do with it all?