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It can be puzzling when the same word, phrase, or code has two (or more) quite distinct meanings. That is the basis of this Friday’s Quiz. Each question has one answer with two meanings, and the clues refer to both meanings in a deliberately mangled fashion. Your task is to untangle the clues to find one answer which you can check against the other meaning. To help you all six dual answers belong to the same two categories – so once you have those pinned down the rest should be easy!


1. One ends at a hook beyond the BBC’s bear city whilst the image goes back 959 years.

2. This peters out in the county’s centre whilst one can see an irregular quadrilateral through the winter months.

3. With a split midlands personality you might wonder whether this butterfly could ever reach the Scottish border.

4. Ending beyond the town of Rebecca’s Bont there is a cluster in an arachnid.

5. This lion’s triplet spiral passes the home, since 1890, of supposed rovers.

6. Grouped around the home of Melbourne’s most recent number two in the image of a captured snake.

Send your answers and requests for hints as comments – they will be edited to ensure other players don’t see spoilers. Links to answers will be posted on Sunday. Best of luck.