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Middle Age

1. “Stan’s the man”. Actually he isn’t he’s a baby … . The man is Dr Manning. So what and where is Stan?

2. “It’s missing” said the critics of Murray’s (publisher) latest book in November 1959 – but one was found a year or two later in Solnhofen and properly identified within another couple of years. It didn’t stop the critics who still insist that other bits are missing – even after they are found. What is missing, what was found in 1861, and what was Murray’s book?

3. It’s Walt Disney so of course they get the name wrong. And it’s missing. In London. And much too large to hide. Peter Ustinov was sufficiently cosmopolitan to be any nationality – so he was Chinese. Molly Weir was insufficiently cosmopolitan to be anything other than a Scots nanny. So what was ‘missing’ this time – wrong and right names – and who designed the building it was ‘stolen’ from? As a bonus you can say which bit of Manchester he also designed …

4. There isn’t one swimming around in Scotland despite the 1934 surgeon’s photograph but, if there was, it would be quite different from the above three. So what might it be – if it existed. Which it doesn’t.

5. They (surely you know what we’re talking about by now) divide into two groups – but only (part of) one of the groups is around with us now. Which of the two groups is that?

6. Who named them? This person was responsible for 33 at the Crystal Palace (NOT three football teams!) and even organised a dinner in one!

7. George and Arthur’s lot are linked to mythological versions and they pop up in Ankh Morpork and Hogwarts. What?

8. So what word should I have used as the title for this quiz rather than ‘Middle Age’?