Lancashire worldwide

Today’s quiz has its base in Blackburn, Bolton, Bury, Lyon, Nottingham, Preston, and Westborough Massachusetts. Explain with names of people and what the clues point to:

1. Add music by a composer much favoured (for other work) by a Blackburn music society to a container for a work of art.

2. Add a scientist from Sale (per second) to equipment for the second part of the Lancashire process.

3. Joseph Charles’ contribution to the development of computers started here – but you will need to know his family’s nickname.

4. Scientifically add a domesticated African horse to what may sound like an iron horse.

5. Add a dervish to the godmother of Britain’s largest university.

6. Could be a regular service by aeroplane.

7. Close to the starting point and the product seems to be infused with the spirit of a tree.