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After much pleading I have finally succumbed! For the first (only?) time the title of the Friday Quiz tells you exactly where to find support for the answer, or at least a clue to the answer. In general those answers are available on the internet – but not necessarily by starting with the clues that I give. You wouldn’t want me to make it too easy. There is no link between the questions other than the Egremont (or area) link.

1. In what manner is electricity produced at Winscales?

2. Who did the owners of the castle most famously prosecute for poaching?

3. Which political party leader had his family traced back to Egremont?

4. Skitterbeck runs into a river famous for which two species of animal?

5. If new is 1822 then what is old? (two possible answers).

6. From Liza to Sellafield defines the Westernmost – so name it and those of the east, south and north.

7. What route was necessarily taken by the Lord’s corn?

8. In 2008 the town dedicated a piece of grassy open land below the castle to a national anniversary. Which anniversary?

9. What was the commodity supposedly stored in Smugglers’ Yard below the castle?

10. What commodity requiring the use of many thousands of marbles was produced near Old Bridge?

11. What is the new Florentine red?