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Local Names

There are eight lists of names and each list can be grouped together enabling you to produce one name for each list. Seven of the lists can be grouped to form a further (joint) name. One of the lists is an odd one out. Find the names of the eight lists and the overall name linking the seven lists.

1. Slack, Whave, Mill, Wymott, Chor, Warth, Green Withins.

2. Sabden, Hyndburn, Laneshaw, Round, Wycoller, Hey Stacks, Thursden, Don.

3. Gayle.

4. Calf Hey, Roddlesworth, Stock, Knuzden, Snig, Audley, Little Harwood, Seven Acre, Royshaw.

5. Keekle, Liza.

6. Loud, Langden, Brennand, Whitendale, Croasdale, Bottoms.

7. Holden, Kirk, Bier, Grunsagill, New Gill, Monubent.

8. Spittle,Horton, Wedacre, Hesketh Rough, Flush, Turpit Gate, Tosber, Ray, Horrox, Crownest, Moor Side.

If you find that easy then place the seven in a natural order, explain what it’s all about, and say what lawlessness occurs in the odd one out.

Really clever? Find the link to Bill Clinton…