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Quiz for 26th July

Six subjects linked in a collection of miniature portraits sold to the UK public five years ago. Identify the subjects and the collection.

1. The 1st worked with a cousin of mine from Skipton, Henry Sidgwick, but did much more than co-found a college.

2. Number 48 was sister of the 1st and was a first medically in the UK.

3. 50 was a palaeobotanist at Manchester seeking to prove the existence of Gondwanaland but failing to make the expedition with Scott.

4. 56 was independent in Liverpool and from the English universities combined and warned about the evil of fascism.

5. Although 72 was British she was brought up in the USA where she was imprisoned for un-American activities before being shipped off to the UK for the first time. Her many contributions include a new understanding of Notting Hill.

6. 81 would have had a good ready made campaign song from the Beach Boys but never used that middle name. Only by fighting all the way were the first laws of equality achieved – in the purse and elsewhere.




If you need further clues our subjects graduated at the following universities:

1. Just a boarding school run by Robert Browning’s aunt.

2. Sorbonne

3. UCL

4. Somerville, Oxford

5. Streets of Harlem

6. St Hugh’s, Oxford