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The oddest places


1. Alvechurch had her home at Chevening in the late 1960s?

2. Egremont was Russian born and a UK delegate to the UN General Assembly?

3. Asheridge was mother to the greatest achievement of 5?

4. Islington had married Miss Betts after reporting her in the Daily Mirror?

5. Rievaulx had received an OBE as statistician and economist after assisting William Beveridge?

6. Kittisford defended Penguin in 1960 and was both student and Chancellor at one university at the same time?

7. Which Stoke gave up writing his autobiography to concentrate on the Thalidomide campaign?

8. Richmond upon Thames produced the oddest nativity play aided by children at Chatburn?

9. Stratford nearly caused a diplomatic rift by calling Canadians dickheads for culling seals?

10. Wigton whose who was first?

Notes: For those of you who get a touch precious on protocol may realise that the common thread in the clues is variable. If you are observant you may realise that they alternate. This is obviously deliberate (see I did notice!) and most solvers will find the answers without appreciating the difference or understanding this note. If you do notice you’re a pedant! 🙂

There is one clue that may be available only to those who have solved last week’s quiz.

Can you identify the commonality?

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