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Duo Link

Lots of you will be stuck to the TV tonight watching Comic Relief wearing a red nose (non-UK readers may find this rather odd – just accept that the British can go rather silly at times!). There are plenty of boring bits in any red nose evening and that downtime will give you the space to complete the quiz.

It’s a quiz in multiple questions with a single link – but check the title of this quiz.

1. Her name makes me think of those Hopeful 1894/5 stories about a doppelgänger – and her companions have distinctly mid-European names too. It’s just a pity that everyone thinks she’s a male, even if she can fly and has a penchant for yellow snow!

Her name; their name =

2. Unlike our British (English?) anthem, every line is a clear statement that can be checked against reality. It’s a pity that it’s mainly poetic as it has some truth on its side. As usual our US cousins get the wrong end of the stick and warble on about a Christmas icon even after they have changed the status of that event to a mere ‘holiday season’.

Anthem name =

3. The Italians had a way to see the truth of false people, even through Disney’s transformations. It may be telling to implement the idea for our present Parliamentary front bench.

Transformation =

4. When science and art disagree about hot and cool, this looks as cool as can be seen, and I’m a scientist.

I’m looking at …

5. Whilst 5 leads, it may seem surprising that 7 misses out this item. Perhaps they haven’t got what it takes in Nottingham.

It takes a …

6. There’s no hiding place unless you’re stone dead or remarkably well insulated.

No hiding from …

7. In what sense are Neanderthals even more extreme than Sapiens and how are we both likely to be deficient compared with our fellow mammals?

Deficient how …

8. Tracking a crane’s foot used to be referred to as following this line but increasingly over the past 60 years the links can be found in non-recurring circles.

What line?

9. Be very close to a rival soon after 3:20 today (up the road from the Pittville Pump Rooms) and that smallest of differences will be critical.

What difference and what can be gained or lost?

10. Nearly 2% of these quizzes could have the same topic as this one so be aware that, in 2013, this is published the day after Pi Day. It’s a total red herring, or an ‘armless lie, that the answer to this question hides in a Raspberry Pi Jam. It’s an odd one out – but what is the nut link?

The nut link and the source of the pi are …

11. And finally? The link. There are two subjects but they do come together in a seriously fun way. Do try to complete this quiz the first night it is available. You may find it easier that way.


PS Non-UK readers may be totally confused by the link. UK readers have a clear advantage here and so I have included the two parts of the link in one of the clues. Of course I’m not going to tell you which!