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As usual we have multiple questions held together by the fact that they are …

…but that’s for you to work out.

Although there are fourteen in all there are only eight questions, one for each of the fourteen that is special in a particular way.

1. Sensing person, position, and stance – originally being seventeen on a trip home from Southport.

2. Not ill but feeling rotten in Stoke on Trent. Helen didn’t like it – but Kenny did.

3. This time you are invited to ask the hardest question which nearly contains a guitar miracle.

4. The words, though not the meaning, are repeated – and is doubly titular. A dreary combination of Roy Orbison and Bing Crosby until pepped up.

5. A request. Do reciprocate. But know that it’s a product of truancy and a stolen harmonica.

6. A postscript for the middle of February but not for Dot Rhone.

7. It sounds like a question from a Bletchley failure but actually starts in Snow White.

8. Somewhere exists and it was originally told in the West Side even if it’s all in the mind.