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We’re going to a dance

I’m sorry today’s quiz is late. I was held up by the weather, and you really don’t expect snow at the end of March – at least not here!

The title of this quiz may need to be explained but, as it’s a quiz, I’ll just give you a clue rather than a full explanation: ‘We need 3/4d”. That’s your lot. Be prepared for the odd question (three is an odd number) that sounds like, but isn’t quite …

As usual there are multiple clues with an answer to each clue – and all the answers have something in common.

1. You can find this answer with a link between a photographer and railways – especially if you are a Flanders & Swan fan and know from where their curtains (supposedly) came. If You don’t know that, and don’t want to listen to the two hats, then you may need Saint Peris to guide you.

[Being late with the quiz this week: snow, ice, freezing cold, &c I didn’t check it as much as I should have done. ‘Railways’ and ‘Flanders & Swan’ have made some list all the stations in “Slow Train”. Don’t! The answer isn’t in there, or indeed in any of their songs – but can be found in a comment in between the songs. You can get there without F&S and if in doubt get help from that saint!]

2. I know, and you know, that you cannot get to the centre of the Earth – but just supposing that you could; in which country would you start?

3. Although it’s the largest part of its country (if you count water) the name of this place has been gradually disappearing over this century. Possibly its most famous export is in the extremes of black and white and the riddle, extending the islands to its neighbouring country, is why the pre-World War I author was executed by the Irish.

4. The name suggests that there would be something wrong about it being a shelter and Ulysses certainly found that to be the case with (possibly) thousands killed there. All might have been lost in the wind but later events (in September) ensured the re-election of the sixteenth.

5. It’s a favourite period of time for a red maid now at Birmingham and you can join her in that time, with a large extinct companion, on BBC TV soon – a follow up from that ginger companion of hers on 4 April last year? A quite different take on the same period (the fourth in this series) came to public view in July last year – just in time for Holly’s eighth birthday treat.

[ The reference to 4th April seems to have disappeared. I’ve tweeted the red maid for confirmation of the date for the new series. Of course if you have identified her you now know how to find the answer! ]

6. Talk about extremes! I’m not convinced that some Scandinavians* cook their omelettes like this and it’s only my scientific understanding of insulation that allows me to accept that this culinary showpiece even exists. I’m having cheese omelette for tea – but it’s not quite the same …

[*apparently the Danes add flour and milk – odd but at least it’s a savoury dish]

7. Castleford, Tamworth, Milton Keynes, Trafford… they all have one but it’s the name of the Tamworth one that we’re after. No it’s not shopping centres!

8. And now we want the name of a place just south of somewhere already mentioned. It needs two names in place of the usual one: one name to put it in its place and the other to show the occupation of its people (burning wood) and where they worked. Even Falstaff (Henry IV part 1) might find its location with a bottle of sack inside him.

Found the link? Found the (groan) sounds like question? Want more of the same? Use the reply option for comments, questions, clues, or to check your answers. There will be a delay but I will get back to you.