A Miscellany

This short quiz is something of an experiment. Would you prefer a mix of short semi-cryptic questions like these that are not connected to one another, non-cryptic questions like the last one on surnames, or the usual linked cryptic questions where you have to work out what it’s all about?

1. If Cooke = 10, Payne = 3, and Matthews has been relegated to minor status – can you supply their forenames or describe what they each added?

2. What is the commonality of Halfshire, seventy Romans, and Chilopoda?

3. Mrs Mallowan’s oddly named heroine in a timed detective story may have worked there, a fictional (ITV) circle of 1950s women solved a crime after working there together, and the discoverer of how pattern emerges in animals worked there for real. Where – and can you identify the fiction and the real person?