(In) Parentheses

It’s not even Friday – but after many weeks here is a new quiz. This time it’s nice and simple and straightforward. Nothing cryptic. You even get proper instructions! One word of warning: it would be easy to answer the questions using a simple Google search. Please don’t. Get the answers by gently humming in order to get your memory vibrating…

I’ve been podding some of my best swing CDs and noticed a number of song titles that are so long bits have had to be put in parentheses. Your task is simply to complete the titles with the bit that’s between those brackets. Mostly swing + a bit of pop – and the titles are taken from the Carpenters, Glenn Miller x3, Vera Lynn, Cat Stevens, Hank Williams, Andrews Sisters, The Beatles, Al Jolson, and Herman’s Hermits.

NB The parentheses aren’t my invention. In every case the track listing (or label on the single if you’re that old!) will show the words in parentheses.

1. Jambalaya ( )

2. ( ) The White Cliffs of Dover

3. Money ( )

4. ( ) Close to You

5. It Must Be Jelly ( )

6. ( ) Kalamazoo

7. Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree ( )

8. I Know Why ( )

9. ( ) Old Schoolyard

10. There’s A Kind of Hush ( )

11. The One I Love ( )


Having done that you could see if you could attach the *right* name – writer, first to record, made famous by …

But NO cheating by Google or other means!